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RAUBEX BUILDING is the ideal partner for any large commercial or housing projects.

Commercial Construction

Over the last decade Raubex Building has built a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading construction companies. The scope of our commercial work includes both Public and Private projects as well as partnership initiatives between government and the private sector.

Housing Projects

The Housing Section specialises in development and construction within the Subsidy and Social Housing sector, Student Accommodation as well as Rental Units, and Bonded Housing. Whatever the developmental construction requirements, clients can be assured of quality workmanship and projects delivered on time, within budget.


Hotels & leisure

Development, expansion and upgrading

Clients in both the leisure and business travel markets can rely on Raubex Building for the turnkey development of new properties, as well as the expansion and/or renovation of existing facilities. Our reliable team facilitates quality implementation with methodical project management and the astute selection of applicable services and consultants.

Shopping centres

Retail development and construction

From regional malls to local neighbourhood shopping centres, we have the experience and commitment to ensure exceptional value in the management, construction and renovation of retail developments. Raubex Building focusses on the development of both urban and rural shopping centres located in remote areas, that can present unique logistical problems.

Hospitals & clinics

Medical facility construction

Raubex Building is experienced in the development of both public, as well as private hospitals and clinics. We will work closely with those installing specialized medical equipment. Our well-developed processes and highly trained staff will ensure safe construction in and around all sensitive areas.

Commercial building

Construction and development

We strive to make your commercial building construction projects hassle-free and as convenient as possible. Each project is tailor-made to the unique requirements presented by your specific endeavour. With experience and dedication our staff will ensure a valued return on investment.

Mega housing projects

Humans Settlement construction and development

Mega housing projects are defined as human settlement projects that consist of more than 10 000 residential units. The scope of these developments requires a construction company with vast experience in all aspects of development to meet the challenges of a large-scale multi-year project.

Turnkey housing

Construction and development

Our turnkey housing developments offer an all-in-one property development solution. With a strong focus on detail, we ensure each element in the process is considered before commencing construction, working timeously within budgetary constraints. Through our distinct and effective communication with the client, Raubex Building assures a smooth-running project.

Raubex Building is an integral part of the Raubex Group, one of South Africa’s leading infrastructure development and construction materials supply groups.

The Raubex Group was established in 1974 and boasts thirty years’ experience across the Southern African construction industry.

The group of companies now operate successfully in countries across Southern Africa.
Listed on the JSE in March of 2007, the Raubex Group consists of four divisions namely,

Materials Handling
and Mining Division

Materials Division

Roads and
Earthworks Division




Raubex Building is a leader in the design, development, renovation and construction of both large-scale commercial and housing projects.

Our team of seasoned, committed professionals collaborate with you from initial project design to handover, with a strong focus on quality deadline-driven results on budget.

Raubex Building is a majority black owned company with Level 1 BBBEE certification.

We are committed to social development through preferential procurement, skills and enterprise development, employment equity and social responsibility and the particular emphasis on community participants.